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The project was supported by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and funded by the Government of Japan

The main task was to develop an interactive educational quest on safe employment and combating human trafficking. Users of the site learn the necessary information and practical skills to combat slavery in the form of a game while working abroad.

Game Characters

Our illustrator has developed examples of game characters that players visually associate with themselves. In this way, the user better dives into the situation.

Non-player character

The illustrator also worked on the secondary characters of the quest, who were supposed to carry the meaning of the situations considered in the quest.


Various educational situations require special background decorations. So a variety of backgrounds were developed with active and inactive elements on them.

Social media

In addition to developing the quest, our team worked on its popularization. We created visuals and attractive banners for social networks in the style of the quest. We developed a universal and unique sticker pack that will remain as a reminder of the experience gained.

Instagram mask

Creating masks for Instagram became a separate niche for popularizing the quest. The game element of the quest was transferred to social networks, and users had another opportunity to participate in the interactive.

Print material

The designers developed all the necessary layouts for the printed materials needed to promote the developed quest.


The sticker pack from Telegram was transferred to reality. Stickers with valuable reminders can be used not only in correspondence but also in any real environment.


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