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An interactive quest for the Black Friday advertising campaign for Hansa

The project aims to capture the focus of the information field on the customer’s brand and increase the visibility
of Hansa products among Ukrainians.

The advertising campaign took the form of a quiz, which resulted in selecting the perfect set of products from our client and offering dishes that can be prepared with Hansa. The game format and the ability to get a personalized
set of equipment have increased the popularity and expanded the fan base of the client’s brand.

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The project directs the focus of the potential client’s attention to the brand’s products and increases the recognition of Hansa products among Ukrainians


Fill out the feedback form get you quest results which then serve as a basis for additional remarketing


The implementation of this project took less than three weeks. 
The launch of the quest was announced on media resources 
and the official Hansa Facebook page, along with product raffles among those who completed the quest


Dudka.Agency copywriters developer a detailed questionnaire that made it possible to analyze interested users. This is how we divided the audience according to their interests, which made it easier to perform a subsequent advertising campaign


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