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An interactive web application for the Daikin summer climate advertising campaign

The main goal is to clearly show the potential buyer the quality and benefits of our client’s air conditioning systems. Advertising on interactive panels and the Internet attracts the buyer to a game in which he must make Mars fit for life with the help of home appliances. The process is addictive with its realistic graphics, concise plot and popular themes, which increases brand visibility, and loyalty to the Daikin brand.

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Why Mars

The red planet is named Mars in honor of the ancient Roman god of war. It seemed mysterious and dangerous to our ancestors. Thanks to scientists, we were able to learn a lot of interesting facts about Mars and its history and, of course, get inspired!

Project work

Working on the project was very exciting and interesting. Our team got acquainted with the work of scientific specialists. And the homework was to watch scientific and feature films about Mars. This helped shape our model of Mars.

Project mission

With this project, we wanted to allow users to be part of something bigger. Who knows, maybe after the transformation of Mars, thanks to Daikin climate technology, someone was inspired to fulfill their childhood dream – to become an astronaut and go to Mars.


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