Victor Dravigny for Abrau Durso

This project is memorable with us. It was the first international client early in 2012 by using our data monitor methodology, including a/b testing, remarketing, online testing, etc.

There were 4 types of products we have to prepare:

  • customer insight
  • landing page to present the history of Victor Dravigny
  • landing page for digital campaigns
  • banners for Google adwords, Snob, etc.

We created 4 types of landing page with different colors, photos ad theme to manage target audience through A/B testing.

Insight: champagne isn’t an old tradition for the NY’s Eve. Victor Dravigny — is a «new martini» for life celebration.

TA: youth (21-30 years, interested in trends, sport, active way of life)

Themes: partying, shopping, celebration, sport.

The main issues were:

  1. To introduce an «old-fashion champagne» to new young audience
  2. To make a trigger between young audience’s hobbies and «new martini» — Victor Dravigny
  3. To add value to current campaigning «celebrate life»
  4. Gather a new privilege club

The results:abrau_darum

Theme: party

Theme: celebration

Theme: shopping

Theme: sporty activities (winter sports in case of campaigns time of year)

Also, we created a brief history of Victor Dravigny’s champagne to increase awareness. On each page, we stated remarketing code and show banners that belong to that page. If a person leaves the page we will show him the new one on the next website together with new banners.

There we several types of those pages, so we had made A/B testing before starting the full campaigns so audience could see only best of them.

Landing page (history):


Abrau Durso


wine production

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