The company «Giftlab» started out by creating wonderful photo fridge’s magnets. Nowadays they are planning to launch a full line of products in the style DIY, designed to be an excellent and original gift for all occasions. Afterwards they are planning to become a real competitor for the BODO – the company

The task: to create a new brand of personalized souvenirs.

The main ideas to be implemented in the new logo:

  • Trendy
  • Emotional
  • Quality and Service

Insight: a gift is not the thing itself, but an intrigue, «what is in this box?»

Therefore, we proposed to modify the name from «Gift Lab» to «Gift Box» which causes a direct association with a gift and is more personal. In addition, under this name will help them to sell a variety of presents and will help them under to implement the new business goals.

Logo_color     giftbox2

As you can see, the composition of the letters «Gift box», create the box with a bow himself, giving literal translation of the name of the campaign and its activities.

The logo symbolizes the diversity of presents, fun, brightness and unconventional approach. Its elements define the dynamics and style of the whole corporate identity.

For a basis of color we take four basic colors iPhone 5c: green, blue, yellow and red. They express emotions, emphasizing individuality and trendiness.


We decided to change traditional “the box” into slangy variant “da box”.


To emphasize simple way of bringing presents, trendiness, promise of surprise we use in stationary 3 basic graphic elements:

1. A simple geometric pattern
2. The compound shapes of polygons
3. Moto itself

To bring individuality and to simplify a staff work we found a unique animals for each of them.






персональная сувенирная продукция

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