Energy-efficient lighting market in Ukraine 2012 — 2018

Table of content


  1. General characteristics of energy saving lamps
    • Description and composition of energy-saving lampsп
    • Classification of energy saving lamps
  2. Basic quantitative characteristics of the market of energy saving lamps
    • Volume and market growth lamps
    • Capacity of Ukrainian market in 2006-2012
  3. Competitive market analysis of energy saving lamps
    • Types of competition
    • Description of player profiles: Maxus, Philips, Uniel, Osram, Eurolamp
  4. Segmentation of the target audience
    • The process of making the TA’s decision
    • Contact points audit
    • Factors of attractiveness
    • Segmentation of consumers: the type of lamps they use, the groups behaviour
    • Pat analysis of attractions’ factors
    • Point of positioning, brand essence



Capital Investment

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