Residential Real Estate in CEE 2012-2014

Table of content:

1. Investment analysis of the global real estate market
1.1 The investment climate in the global market
1.2 The investment climate in the European market
1.2.1 A brief analysis Eastern Europe’s market (CEE)
1.2.2 A brief analysis of Ukrainian’s market
1.3 Dynamics of the main types of investments and investors in the European market

2. Overview of the global luxury residential and hotel properties’ market
2.1 Elite residential segment of real estate
2.1.1 Investment analysis of the segment
2.1.2 Case studies (examples of iconic objects)
2.2 Hotel property segment
2.2.1 Investment analysis of the global market
2.2.2 Investment analysis of the EMEA market
2.2.3 Case studies (key deals in the segment)

3. Overview of the Ukrainian and Russian’ luxury residential and hotel properties markets
3.1 Segment of elite residential real estate
3.1.1 Moscow
3.1.2 Saint Petersburg
3.1.3 Kiev
3.2 Segment of hotel property
3.2.1 Moscow
3.2.2 Saint Petersburg
3.2.3 Kiev

4. Conclusions and recommendations
4.1 Overview of the investment climate of the global real estate market
4.2 Portrait of an investor
4.3 Attractiveness’ factors for the investors
4.4 Selling options for the object
4.5 Selling mechanism for the object

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